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The Classroom – Terms and Conditions

Regarding Registration & Fees

  1. The registration form has to be completed in full before a student can officially be considered a student of The Classroom.
  2. Fees will have to be paid before a student commences his/her first lesson.
    This includes a material & administrative fee of $45/student, regardless of the number of subjects enrolled in, which covers all material to be used over the span of an academic year.
  3. Subsequently, fees will be collected on the first lesson of each month.
  4. Tuition fees for the year are fixed at the point of registration. Any increment in fees during the year will not affect current students
  5. Tuition fees paid are strictly non-refundable.
  6. Should a student decide to withdraw halfway during the month, no refund will be given. He is welcomed to stay on with us till the end of the month.


Regarding Missed Lessons

We understand that school life can be very demanding.

CCAs, VIAs, open house visits, interschool competitions… and the list goes on!

Here’s a list of 3 things you can choose from if you happen to miss a class!

  1. Attend another class of the same subject during the same week. (subject to availability)
  2. Attend another class of a different subject during the same week.
    For instance, if you missed your weekly Math lesson, you can come for a Chemistry/Physics/Amath lesson
  3. Arrange to come by either 20 minutes before or after the following week’s class to run through notes and worksheets from the previous week.
  4. Lessons will carry on as per normal during months with 5 lessons, during term breaks and June and December holidays.


Still confused? Feel free to speak to us to find out more!