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Struggling to understand O Level Physics concepts?

Presenting a simpler way to learn O Level Physics, that will help you gain clarity, build proficiency and propel you towards achieving your desired grades at your O Level exam.

Our students rank us among the best O Level Physics Tuition lessons they’ve taken, period.

Many O Level Physics students struggle to understand the concepts taught in class.

Despite spending many hours studying, some students find the Physics concepts impossible to comprehend…

…they get stuck at questions during tests and exams, and their constantly scoring of Ds, Es and Fs make them feel like giving up.

The truth is, to do well in O Level Physics, you need to master two things.

First, you need content mastery. This is important as it ensures you will be able answer questions correctly no matter how they twist the question.

Next is skill mastery. Skill mastery is when you know exactly how and when to apply certain concepts to answer different questions.


And just by focusing on these two things, we’ve helped hundreds of students jump multiple grades in Physics!

Of course, having a teacher who’s able to make O Level Physics easy to understand is a plus…


…and that’s where we come in.

Hear from a few of our ex-students

My confidence increased and I jumped 6 Grades from F9 to B3!

I was always struggling with my Physics, constantly scoring F9 in Physics. I didn’t understand most of the concepts in Physics and was especially weak in it.

However, I heard from one of my close friends about The Classroom and decided to give it a try.

Mr Goh is very patient and committed to helping me in my studies, and always makes sure that I fully understand the concept of a particular topic before moving on. Through the elaborate explanations he gives during lessons and the constant practice on a wide variety of questions, my confidence in both Physics and Maths certainly increased. I scored a B3 for Physics in the end for my O Levels!

Thank you, Mr Goh.

Kiele Koh

Nan Chiau High School

I wouldn’t have been able to improve drastically without Mr Goh…

I would like to mention Mr Anthony Goh in particular, who tutored me in Physics.

Mr Goh was assiduous in helping me grasp foreign concepts and provided me with ample practice to apply and solidify my learning.

Without Mr Goh, I would not have been able to improve drastically from a C5 in Prelims to an A2 in O-levels and for that I am grateful beyond words for his conscientious work.


Gan Eng Seng Secondary School

From Physics Hater to A2 scorer!

Physics in Sec 3 was extremely challenging for me as it was a huge jump from the requirements of Sec 2 science and the concepts were more difficult to grasp.

I started to dislike physics and give up putting in effort to understand the concepts as no matter how hard I tried, the concepts were impossible to comprehend.

Mr Goh from The Classroom was extremely patient and always made sure we understood the concepts and knew how and when to apply them by pointing out clues in the questions.

Through the lessons and notes provided by The Classroom, my confidence in my Physics increased and my grades jumped from Cs in Sec 3 to an A2 in O Levels.


Fairfield Methodist Secondary School

“Managed to score As consistently throughout Sec 4!

I used to score inconsistently, sometimes I would get an A, other times I would barely pass or fail miserably

Mr Got is very committed to ensure that I thoroughly understood and mastered each and every single topic and skills. Through the guidance offered to me by my tutor, whom is always willing to clear up and misconceptions. Along with the ample practice and obscure questions given to me by Mr Goh, my ability to do physics increased, as well as my grades.

I scored a A1 for O Level!


Montfort Secondary School

“Mr Goh corrected all my misconceptions!

As a student who struggled with Physics, I consistently found myself getting a B4 throughout my Sec 3 and Sec 4 year. By the end of Sec 4, I managed to score a A2 for Physics! No matter how badly I did for certain tests, Mr Goh continued to put in his best effort to teach me and correct all the misconceptions I had, which was vital to me getting good grades. Hence, I think that Mr Goh is a very talented and good teacher.

Thank you Mr Goh!


Maris Stella High School

“I managed to understand more compared to what I experienced in school!

In school, I remember myself always walking out of my class muddleheaded, not being able to comprehend anything that my teacher had said, resulting in me obtaining a B4 grade for Physics in my Sec 4 MYE.

That was when I decided to allocate some time for Mr Goh’s Physics tuition and managed to understand even more as compared to what I experienced at school. Through his passion in teaching Physics, I am grateful to sustain a 2-grade improvement in my Physics from B4 to A2 in my Prelims and my O-Levels. Though I only managed to achieve an A2 grade, I am thankful to attain such a grade for it would not have been possible if I had not attended Mr Goh’s lessons on time. 


Nan Chiau High School

“I never passed Physics until I met Mr Goh.

In sec 3, I was struggling really badly with physics and have been failing all the way since the first term. I have never gotten a grade higher than D7.

However, i heard about the classroom  from one of my classmate in class and decided to sign up for it. Mr anthony goh is very patient especially when he takes the time to explain the concepts very detailedly, making sure that everyone understands before he moves on.

I’m really glad that i have Mr Goh to guide me as he is very willing to take more time to repeat explaining concepts that i do not understand even though it is very tiresome.

Besides that, he also teaches us methods to overcome stress and plan our revision plans!

Through practicing many different questions and practice papers Mr goh provided us with, my confidence increased and I eventually managed to score a B3 for O level!

Thank you Mr goh 🙂

Hui Zhi

Anderson Secondary School

All our Pure Physics classes are run by Mr Anthony Goh, ex-MOE teacher. Under his tutelage our students have done extremely well, and this deserves mention!

2019: 100% As and Bs
2020: 22 out of 24 scored As and Bs! (Majority improved by 1 grade or maintained A!)
2021: 23 out of 25 scored As and Bs! (24 of them jumped at least 1 grade or maintained their A!)

After our 2 year programme, your child will learn…

  • How to identify and apply key concepts important for the O Level Physics exam to solve questions successfully
  • How to answer questions effectively by applying exam-oriented answering techniques
  • How to understand the O Level Physics marking scheme and how it works to score the maximum possible marks
  • How to use the Elimination Method to strive for full marks for Physics MCQs
  • How to check answers to reduce careless mistakes to almost ZERO!

We work best with students who…


  • Have a strong desire to do well O Level Physics.
  • Take ownership of their poor grades and are willing to put in effort to improve.
  • Are not looking for short cuts or quick fixes, because questions can change, instead, they appreciate that a deep understanding of what’s being taught will help them internalise concepts and ultimately shorten their revision time.
  • Want to experience a huge improvement in grades within 3 to 6 months.


Class frequency: Once a week

Class duration: 1.5 hours

Tuition fees: $280 per 4 lessons

2023 Sec 3 Timings

Tuesday 5pm to 630pm (Pure Physics)
Saturday 1pm to 230pm (Pure Physics)

2023 Sec 4 Timings

Tuesday 7pm to 830pm (Pure Physics)
Saturday 3pm to 430pm (Pure Physics)
Saturday 5pm to 630pm (Pure Physics)

Friday 730pm to 9pm (combined)

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Mr Anthony Goh

More reviews from our students who’ve had massive improvement

“I jumped from F9 to B4 thanks to Mr Goh’s explanations and techniques!

I was struggling with physics and disliked the subject because I couldn’t understand it and had difficulty doing questions and I used to score F9.

However, Mr Goh was a very patient and dedicated teacher to ensure that I could understand every single step and came up with techniques to guide me. He always encouraged me to not give up and would even answer all my questions without fail.

After listening to Mr Goh’s explanations, applying his techniques, and trying problems that he had put together, my confidence increased, and I scored a B4 for ‘O’ levels.


Geylang Methodist Secondary School

“My passion for Physics was ingnited and I became more confident!

Before joining the Classroom, I did not find Physics interesting and as such, I used to score C6. I found out about The Classroom on Google. Through his engaging lessons and various practices, my passion for Physics started to develop. I became more confident when doing physics practice papers. I managed to score a B3 for O Level Pure Physics


Peihwa Secondary School

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