O Level Chemistry Tuition

Studying really hard for Chemistry but not seeing any improvements?

Presenting Chemistry 360 – a comprehensive programme that will help your child experience a breakthrough in O Level Chemistry. 

This means they will always know what the question is talking about, which concepts to use, and how to structure their answers to score maximum marks.

Initially Skeptical… Now Super Thankful

Hey Jeremy!

I found your lessons extremely beneficial. Science used to be a subject I never thought I would score well in, seeing as I was constantly either failing or barely passing exams. Due to your patience and friendly demeanour, I gained a deeper understanding of the subject, eventually learning to like science. The lessons, which were well-paced and comprehensive, aided me in my revision for my O Levels, pulling my grades from a C6 to an A1.

Initially skeptical that this chemistry tuition would not help me much, as I’d only started attending a few months prior to the national exam, I was pleasantly surprised at how big of an impact it had had on my final score. Super thankful to have found this place!! ?
Wishing you all the best and all the happiness in the world~ ?

Kristie Kuah

Paya Lebar Methodist Girls' School | A1 for O Level Science

I Had No Interest In Chemistry… But Now I’m Going Take It In JC!

Before I joined enrolled into this class, my prior understanding of chemistry was very basic. I had no interest in chemistry at all as it came off as a boring subject to me. Furthermore, I had encountered much trouble grasping some fundamental concepts.

However, after attending Jeremy’s chemistry tuition classes, I found his teaching method and materials really useful. What impressed me was his ability of coming up with simple analogies for us so that we would be able to relate to it and grasp the concepts more easily! It certainly helped me clear many of the doubts that I had. He would also try his best to tweak his teaching schedule to suit our exam timetables so that he could give us enough practice on certain topics beforehand.

Additionally, he provided us with lots of past school practice papers which certainly helped me to familiarise myself with the possible questions that could come out for the O levels. After much guidance from him, I managed to get my distinction. Enrolling into this class is certainly something that I won’t regret, because chemistry is no longer a boring subject to me. In fact, I’m going to take chemistry in JC because of my newfound interest in it! Jeremy is a really committed teacher who’s always willing to help his students at any time, putting in a lot of effort into improving himself so that he will be able to help us maximise our own potential.

Thank you, teacher Jeremy!

Victoria Chong | C6 to A2

Introducing the “C3 Trigger System”

In our Chemistry tuition classes, we use a proven system that simplifies the learning process for Secondary school students. This system allows students to achieve better grades and boosts their confidence levels as they sit for the exam.

The C3 Trigger System is the result of teaching over 574 students, from over 56 secondary schools, across a time span of 6 years of teaching, by our team of education specialists, backed by consistent results usually jumping 2,3 even 4 grades in just under 2 months.

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Here’s how it works:



First, the system engages students and captivates their interest from the very first lesson – resulting in is increased interest in Chemistry, better grades and confidence boosts! Our chemistry tuition classes reveal to students the fastest and most effective way to score “A”s in their Upcoming Chemistry Tests And Exams!



Next, we introduce a set of “Extremely-Effective-Yet-Rarely-Taught Strategies” that will help almost ANY student score an additional 6 to 10 marks immediately! These are the same set of strategies that many successful students have already been using to consistently score Distinctions! (It’s been condensed into bite-sized pieces of information… all a tiny booklet)


Lastly, we crystallise the key points of every single lesson so you’re “crystal-clear”… You’ll be able to walk out of each chemistry tuition class knowing EXACTLY what you learnt, and RETAIN this information so that you can APPLY it at your exams!

More Raving Reviews From Our Graduates…

Triggered My Epic Love For Chemistry!

The Classroom is certainly one of the best tuition I’ve received so far. I love The Classroom. I learnt so much at The Classroom. The Classroom triggered my epic love for Chemistry. I loathed the subject and was constantly flunking it. After I joined The Classroom, an inspiring teacher with an undying love for teaching who took “FURTHER CHEMISTRY” provided me with the opportunity to fall in love with it. Learning ain’t difficult, falling in love with it is. Thank you Jeremy

Nice Experience Being First Few In Class!

I really enjoy going for Chemistry tuition since it is so fun and enjoyable. It is a really nice experience being the first few in class for Chemistry. Again, thank you for teaching me so well. I will work hard to maintain my standards so rest assured!

Darrell Lim

Pei Hwa Secondary School | D7 to A2

Ready For Your Child To Start Loving Chemistry?

(We can’t wait to show you how easy O Level Chemistry can be!)