‘A’ Level H2 Chemistry

Overwhelmed by H2 Chemistry?

Presenting a simpler way to learn H2 Chemistry, that will give you clarity, build proficiency and propel you towards achieving your desired grades at your A Level exam.

From Organic Chemistry to Chemical Energetics, H2 Chemistry is a subject that is both content heavy and technically challenging. From our years of experience, simply “doing more questions” or “studying harder” is not going to budge the needle.

The truth is, to do well in H2 Chemistry, you need clarity – a strong understanding of concepts, and a clear idea of when and how to apply these concepts to answer higher order application questions.

Hundreds of your seniors have benefitted from our quality lessons, taught by experienced ex-JC lecturers.

Join us, and start gaining clarity today.

Class frequency: Once a week

Class duration: 2 hours

Tuition fees: $400 per 4 lessons

J1 Timing

  • Friday 7pm to 9pm (Hougang / Online)

J2 Timing

  • Thursday 7pm to 9pm (Hougang / Online)


Our classes will equip you to excel at your A Level H2 Chemistry exam.

Our in house notes, worksheets, cheatsheets and summaries, have helped many of your seniors jump multiple grades to score an A or B at the A Level exam yearly. So, if you are looking to achieve the same kind of success they did, this is the programme for you.

At the moment, we only have H2 Chemistry classes.

Over the years, we seem to attract students who…

  1. Want to do well in Chemistry
  2. Are hardworking and want to improve
  3. Are willing to ask questions and learn

These students usually see a huge improvement withing 3 to 6 months.


We also seem to repel students who…

  1. are unmotivated
  2. highly reliant on spoon feeding
  3. not willing to put in any effort.

These students usually end up dropping out of our programme, or do not see any improvement.

eric kua

Testimonials From Our H2 Chemistry Graduates

Before attending this tuition centre, I always scored Us and Es (mostly U) for chemistry.

This tuition really helped me to grasp the chemistry concepts better, as well as taught me how to answer many different types of questions and think from different perspectives.

In less than a year, I managed to consistently score well in chemistry!

Mr Kua is a patient, approachable and kind tutor, and I will definitely recommend going for chemistry tuition here 🙂



I was consistently failing chemistry when I joined Mr Kua’s lessons. However, with his help, I managed to improve dramatically in the A levels. I would attribute this to his effective teaching, which would comprise of going through worksheets which targeted common questions and misconceptions. He is also a dedicated teacher who will address any chemistry related queries after lessons and outside lessons.

Sean Yew


Mr Kua is a really engaging teacher and is very knowledgeable in Chemistry. His breaks down concepts so that I can easily understand it. He is also really encouraging, which also helped me find back my interest in Chemistry. I was constantly failing my school exams but under his guidance, I managed to obtain an A (for H2 Chemistry) in my A level exams. Thank you Mr kua!!

Sheng Wen


Mr Kua is an extremely encouraging and reliable teacher. He is able to explain abstract concepts well and provides greater understanding to students. Whenever in doubt, he is quick to respond to students’ questions and clear their misconceptions. I have benefitted a lot under his tutelage and highly recommend Mr Khemistry !!



Come Experience Our Classes For Yourself

Looking for that tutor who understands your needs, is quick to identify your weaknesses, and help you plug the gaps so you can start to excel is challenging.

If you’re curious what our classes are like, simply drop us a WhatsApp and we will be in touch.