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Sec 1 & 2
Science Tuition

Don’t understand complex science concepts? Fret not! Our tutors are here to help you build a strong science foundation! 

Sec 1 & 2
Math Tuition

Struggling with Algebra?
Need to score an A1 for S2?
Fret not! Our tutors are here to help you build a strong math foundation! 

Sec 3 & 4
E Math Tuition

Need to score an A1 or A2 to secure your L1R5? We’ve got you covered. Our tutors are here to help. Let’s ACE Math together!

Sec 3 & 4
A Math Tuition

Struggling with complex concepts like Binomial and Trigo? Feeling overwhelmed with A Math formulas? Our tutors are here to help!

Sec 3 & 4
Chemistry Tuition

Don’t understand what’s going on in class? Our tutors are here to simplify concepts and help you ACE Chemistry!

Sec 3 & 4
Physics Tuition

Blindly memorising formulas? Want to gain a deeper understanding of physics? Our tutors are here to help!

JC 1 & 2
H2 Math Tuition

 H2 math feel like a huge jump? Worried if you’re able to keep up with content in class? Our tutors are here to help!

O Level Math Tuition

Why Are Our O Level Physics, Chemistry and Math Tuition Classes Trusted By 2672 Parents & Students?

At The Classroom, we use a tested and proven system that simplifies the learning process for O Level Secondary school students.

This helps students solidify their learning, allowing them to not only achieve better grades, but also boosts their confidence levels before sitting for each exam.

This system is the result of over 10 years and 10,000 hours of teaching by our team of education specialists, backed by consistent results achieved by our students over the years.

It has helped roughly 3000 students, jump 2 – 4 grades minimally, in under 6 months.

What this means is that once your child join us, he will be put through the exact same system that has helped students jump multiple grades in O Level Math, Chemistry and Physics year after year after year!

What Our Graduates Have To Say…

In Sec 3, I was struggling badly in Amath and it seemed like NO MATTER HOW MUCH EFFORT I put into understanding Amath, I would nevertheless score consistent F9s in my exams.

I then decided to join The Classroom (math tuition) in the hope of improving my grades – and it didn’t disappoint!

I would have to thank Jeremy for being a crucial part of my O Level journey, for without his guidance I would’ve been unable to score a distinction! :~)

Natalie Tham

Nan Chiau High School | F9 to A2

I was always struggling with my Maths and Physics, constantly scoring C5s for Maths and even F9 in Physics. I didn’t understand most of the concepts in Physics and was especially weak in it.

However, I heard from one of my close friends about The Classroom and decided to give it a try. (math and physics tuition)

Mr Goh is very patient and committed to helping me in my studies, and always makes sure that I fully understand the concept of a particular topic before moving on. Through the elaborate explanations he gives during lessons and the constant practise on a wide variety of questions, my confidence in both Physics and Maths certainly increased. 

I scored an A1 for my Maths and a B3 for Physics in the end for my O Levels! Thank you, Mr Goh.

Kiele Koh

Nan Chiau High School | F9 to B3 & C5 to A1

“I was doing quite badly in A-math, consistently getting F9 and never passing an A math exam before in my Upper secondary life. This obviously made me anxious and afraid as O levels were drawing near and I was still failing up till my mid year exams.
My mum searched online and read the testimonials and I decided to give it a shot. The style of teaching and pace of the lessons were very engaging and also the resources are very useful.
The lessons were well paced and comfortable to be in if there were any questions i could always openly consult. I progressively got better, moving to a D7 for A math and then ultimately getting a B3 for my O level A math exam! From a hopeless F9 to a satisfactory B3. Thanks Ms Low! (A Math Tuition)
Isaiah Chia

Montfort Secondary School | F9 to B3

The Classroom triggered my epic love for Sci (Chemistry tuition). I loathed the subject and was constantly flunking it. After I joined The Classroom, an inspiring teacher with an undying love for teaching who took “FURTHER CHEMISTRY” provided me with the opportunity to fall in love with it.
Darrell Lim

Pei Hwa Secondary School | D7 to A1

Before joining The Classroom, I was struggling with basic concepts for Physics and didn’t understand how I could apply them to various real life situations mentioned in questions…

I was not confident in physics at all. Lessons with Ms Low were really helpful as she was patient with me even though I had many doubts to clear. I find the worksheets really good for quick revision too!

After attending lessons at The Classroom, I finally started to understand how the concepts work and I gained confidence in tackling tough questions.

I scored an A1 for O Level Physics!

Jewel Chin

Compassvale Secondary School | D7 to A1

I used to score B4/C5 for Physics and I have never considered physics as a subject I would use as my L1R5. The concepts were difficult to grasp but luckily at the start of Secondary 3, I chanced upon physics tuition at ‘The Classroom’.

Mr Goh is a patient teacher who is equipped with skills from years of experience. By using specific answering techniques, I am better able answer questions confidently. The notes given are also condensed and easy to understand. He has also offered help for last minute questions and this certainly proves his dedication to his students. I started to see improvements in physics and eventually topped my class during the mid-year exams.

I am proud to say I got an A1 for O levels!

Chan Jin Ze

Xinmin Secondary School | B4 to A1

The favourite part of my lessons was the quick yet clear and effective teachings because it allows me to understand key concepts without the hassle of getting into any kind of confusion! (A Math tuition)
Comane Tan

Xinimn Secondary School | A2 for O Levels

Before joining The Classroom for lessons, I was barely passing Chemistry in school, with my grades hovering around the 50-55 range. I definitely felt discouraged and had no interest in Chemistry. Nearing the End of Year Exams in Sec 3, I decided to look online for Chemistry tuition, and that was how I got to know of The Classroom. After reading the positive reviews online, I decided to give it a shot.

Since then, there was no looking back. Teacher Jeremy has been really patient, and he makes the effort to go the extra mile, to ensure that every single student is able to walk out of that lesson doubt-free.

With the support from teacher Jeremy, I gained confidence in Chemistry, and my grades improved from borderline passes to scoring a distinction in my O levels !! Thank you, teacher Jeremy !!!

Nikki Lee

Zhonghua Secondary School | C6 to A2

Before joining The Classroom, I was lost in the world of A.math. I was struggling to find the correct method for the questions as they were complicated. I started disliking Amath as I could not solve anything and found it very frustrating.

I was failing my Amath exams until my mother sent me to a tuition called The Classroom. (A Math tuition)

Lessons at The Classroom were really quiet, allowing me to concentrate and understand the teachers teaching. My tuition teacher was really patient and does not hesitate to assist in any confusion. This allows me to learn at my pace. They guided me to learn the proper methods and skills for the different types of question.

My results changed from D7 to A2 in the O levels! I cannot be more grateful towards The Classroom!

Nexus Lee

D7 to A2

3 Reasons Why Parents Prefer Us


Qualified Teachers

Our dynamic team of highly qualified teachers understand the different learning styles of students and customise methods of delivery to accelerate learning!


Engaging Lessons

A large number of our students end up finding challenging Math, Physics and Chemistry concepts much easier to understand.

After our Chemistry, Physics or Math tuition classes, more than half go on to enjoy learning about the subject – some end up taking certain subject combinations in JC because of this newfound passion!

And that’s our secret ingredient – getting students to find the subject easy to understand, getting them to enjoy the learning process, which ultimately leads to excellent results.


Proven Results

We produce a consistently high percentage of students who score ‘A’s and ‘B’s at the national O Level Exams.

Close to 100% of our students experience minimally a 2 grade jump when enroll in our Math, Chemistry or Physics tuition classes.

Majority of our students jump at least 2 grades after attending roughly 6 months of lessons with us!


Our Team

We are passionate, committed and we inspire