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Our teachers are highly experienced individuals who excel at what they do. They understand the different learning styles of students and customise methods of delivery to accelerate learning!
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Mr. Anthony Goh

Mr. Anthony Goh is an ex-MOE teacher who is well versed with the Physics and Mathematics ‘O’ Level syllabi. His students described him as someone who is encouraging, patient and does not give up on them.

Anthony has the ability to draw out his students’ misconceptions and clarify their doubts within a very short period of time. Through the use of real world examples and teaching aids, he ensures they are well grounded in the concepts and basics before moving onto more challenging questions. He produces detailed notes to help students understand and remember the key points easily and effectively.

He is familiar with the setting of exam questions and the marking scheme, hence he is able to quickly identify what’s lacking in a student’s answer and bring them up to speed.

Thank you for not giving up on me last year. I wanted to give up Physics last year but I saw your perseverance. I changed my mind set and work very hard to score for Physics. I must thank you! Without your perseverance, I think I will still be struggling. I promise you that I will continue to work hard for Physics and let you be proud to have a student like me.


Beatty Secondary School | E8 to B3

I had difficulties in understanding math concepts thus I struggled with applying formulas and solving questions, which resulted in a D7 for Math. I found out about The Classroom from a friend and started learning under the guidance of Mr Goh. He is a very patient teacher who is commited to teaching effective and clear lessons. He made sure I understood his teaching before moving on. With that, my mistakes were always corrected. Futhermore, my accuracy of solving the question increased, saving me a lot more time during the exams. In the end, I scored an A2 for my O levels!

Valerie Koh

PHSS | D7 to A2

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Mdm Ong Hai Lee

Mdm Ong is an ex-MOE teacher specialising in O Level Mathematics. Her years of experience teaching Lower Sec Math, and upper sec A.Math and upper sec E.Math, has enabled her to identify a student’s strengths and weaknesses very quickly. This allows her to offer very targetted help and advice which results in students improving quickly in a short period of time.

Her depth of the mathematics syllabus has also made her instrumental in further improving the O Level Mathematics curriculum at The Classroom. 

She is known by her students to deliver quality lessons in the classroom, as someone who is firm but approachable.

And she is highly regarded by parents because she often goes the extra mile to help students before and after class. 

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Mr. Jeremy Neo

Jeremy specialises in O Level Chemistry. He is known to deliver fun and animated lessons in the classroom. Driven by his love and passion for teaching, he has been actively coaching students since 2002.

Upon graduation from the National University of Singapore, with a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) majoring in Environmental Engineering, he decided to make teaching his career because he believes that every student has the potential to produce excellent results. He aspires to be one of the most dynamic and engaging teachers in Singapore.

Regarded by his students as a teacher who goes the extra mile, Jeremy constantly strives to find different methodologies to make the classroom experience a delightful one. Over the years, he is proud to have guided students to achieve outstanding results at the ‘O’ Level Chemistry examinations.

Jeremy is a tutor who is encouraging and well-read. I can ask him about almost anything! He prepares well for his lessons and is dedicated when it comes to imparting knowledge. He ensures that I understand all the concepts that are being taught. Thanks for the guidance through O levels and constantly encouraging me to strive for the best and excel!”

Charlotte Heng

Singapore Chinese Girls' School

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Ms. Pamelyn Low

Pamelyn has more than 10 years of teaching experience ever since she discovered her passion and calling for teaching. She specialises in teaching O Level Mathematics and O Level Physics.

She graduated from SMU and also holds a Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers!

With a deep desire to help students excel in these subjects she is highly confident that she will be able to impart interest and knowledge to students who are willing to learn and improve. She has been working with numerous students pushing them toward academic success. Under her tutelage, students have managed to significantly improve their grades and attain their desired goals for their O Level Examinations and have attained placement in their preferred Junior Colleges.

Before joining The Classroom, I was struggling with answering O Level Physics questions and did not know how to apply the various concepts. Hence I disliked physics and used to score an E8. I heard about The Classroom through my friend and decided to give it a try. The lessons by Ms Pamelyn Low were very engaging and productive and I learnt how to answer application questions. The notes given by Ms Pamelyn were detailed and straightforward which made me begin to like Physics. Through Ms Pamelyn’s teaching, I was able to score an A2 for my O Level Physics!


Compassvale Secondary School | D7 to A2

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Mr Chua Yi Da

Mr Chua graduated from NUS with a degree in Mathematics.

He is well loved by his students, and is known to be an energetic and dynamic teacher. He believes in a “never stop learning” mindset and constantly goes the extra mile to ensure his students understands the content taught in class.

With his dedication to his teaching, and strong work ethic, he hopes to inspire his students to become diligent learners who have a deep love for learning.

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