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Our teachers are highly experienced individuals who excel at what they do. They understand the different learning styles of students and customise methods of delivery to accelerate learning!
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Mr. Jeremy Neo

Tr Jeremy is a dedicated educator whose animated and engaging teaching style transforms the classroom into a lively hub of learning and discovery. Since founding The Classroom in 2009, Jeremy has devoted his career to unlocking the full potential of every student.

Among students, he is known for his fun and animated approach, he makes Chemistry come alive, ensuring that each topic is not only understood but loved.

Driven by a profound love for teaching and a belief in the boundless potential of his students, Jeremy has been inspiring young minds since 2009. His dedication goes beyond mere teaching; it’s about sparking a lifelong passion for learning.

Always striving to enhance the learning experience, Jeremy explores and implements diverse methodologies to make Chemistry relatable and engaging. His innovative techniques cater to various learning styles, making complex concepts accessible to all.

His commitment to excellence is reflected in the outstanding results his students achieve in the O Level Chemistry examinations. He takes pride in guiding his learners to not only meet but exceed their academic goals.

His teaching journey is marked by countless success stories of students who have overcome their academic challenges to excel in Chemistry.

Jeremy is a tutor who is encouraging and well-read. I can ask him about almost anything! He prepares well for his lessons and is dedicated when it comes to imparting knowledge. He ensures that I understand all the concepts that are being taught. Thanks for the guidance through O levels and constantly encouraging me to strive for the best and excel!”

Charlotte Heng

Singapore Chinese Girls' School

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Mr. Anthony Goh

Mr. Anthony Goh is a teacher whose deep understanding of the Physics and Mathematics O Level syllabi transforms the educational experience of his students. Mr Goh’s approach to teaching is built on a foundation of encouragement, patience, and an unwavering commitment to every learner’s success.

In his O Level Math and Physics tuition classes, students describe Mr Goh as an encouraging beacon of support, fostering a learning environment where questions are welcomed and perseverance is nurtured.

With a keen eye for identifying and rectifying misconceptions, Mr Goh ensures that students grasp complex concepts clearly and confidently in record time.

Utilizing real-world examples and teaching aids, he grounds abstract concepts in tangible experiences, making challenging material accessible and engaging.

His meticulously prepared notes serve as a vital learning tool, summarizing key points in a manner that enhances understanding and retention.

Mr Goh’s familiarity with exam question setting and marking schemes equips his students with the insight to excel, focusing on crafting precise and comprehensive answers.

His systematic approach to teaching ensures a solid understanding of fundamentals, paving the way for tackling more complex problems with confidence.

Confidence increased!

Mr Goh is very patient and committed to helping me in my studies, and always makes sure that I fully understand the concept of a particular topic before moving on. Through the elaborate explanations he gives during lessons and the constant practise on a wide variety of questions, my confidence in both Physics and Maths certainly increased.

I scored an A1 for my Maths and a B3 for Physics in the end for my O Levels! Thank you, Mr Goh.

Kiele Koh

Nan Chiau High School | Physics F9 to B3 | Amath C5 to A1

O Level Math Tutor Mr Andy Chang
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Mr Andy Chang

Tr Andy is an O Level Math Specialist whose exceptional ability to pinpoint students’ strengths and weaknesses has transformed the learning experience. With years of dedicated teaching under his belt, Andy’s targeted approach ensures that every student receives personalized guidance, leading to significant improvements in a remarkably short time.

His expertise allows him to quickly identify each student’s unique strengths and weaknesses, enabling him to provide focused support that leads to rapid improvement.

His profound understanding of the O Level mathematics syllabus is instrumental in further refining the A & E Math curriculum at The Classroom, ensuring it remains at the forefront of educational excellence.

Known for his ability to combine firm guidance with approachability, Tr Andy ensures that every Math tuition lesson is not just informative but also welcoming, enabling students to learn in a supportive environment.

Beyond the classroom, Tr Andy’s dedication shines through his willingness to assist students before and after class, embodying a commitment that extends far beyond the call of duty.

Recognizing the importance of parental involvement, Tr Andy maintains close communication with parents, providing regular updates on their child’s progress and engaging in a collaborative effort to support students’ academic journeys.

His meticulous approach to tracking student progress underscores his determination to see every student achieve their best. His obsession with ensuring all are on track to scoring an ‘A’ reflects his unwavering commitment to educational excellence.

Teacher Andy Chang is very dedicated teacher who always make sure the pupils understand the topics.

His method of teaching executed well, friendly towards the parents too… Since attending the classes (sec 1), my daughter been scoring 90’s.. Highly recommended!! So, 5 🌟 for the classroom math!! 👍😍

Parent of Sec 1 student

Consistently scoring 90 and above

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Mr Aimer Ang

Tr Aimer, a dedicated O Level Math specialist, is renowned for his unwavering commitment. He doesn’t just teach; he immerses himself in his students’ learning journeys, consistently going the extra mile to ensure they grasp complex concepts with ease.

His friendly demeanor and patience make learning a stress-free experience. His approachable nature encourages students to voice their doubts without hesitation, fostering a positive learning environment.

Recognized by parents as a trustworthy educator, Aimer has a proven track record of not just boosting grades but also building confidence. His integrity and dedication have earned him the trust and respect of both students and their families.

Under Aimer’s guidance, students become confident in math. He tailors his methods to each student’s needs, ensuring complex topics become manageable and interesting. The transformation from confusion to confidence is not just a promise; it’s a reality experienced by his students.

O Level Math Tutor
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Ms. Pamelyn Low

Pamelyn has more than 10 years of teaching experience ever since she discovered her passion and calling for teaching. She specialises in teaching O Level Mathematics and O Level Physics.

She graduated from SMU and also holds a Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers!

With a deep desire to help students excel in these subjects she is highly confident that she will be able to impart interest and knowledge to students who are willing to learn and improve. She has been working with numerous students pushing them toward academic success. Under her tutelage, students have managed to significantly improve their grades and attain their desired goals for their O Level Examinations and have attained placement in their preferred Junior Colleges.

Before joining The Classroom, I was struggling with answering O Level Physics questions and did not know how to apply the various concepts. Hence I disliked physics and used to score an E8. I heard about The Classroom through my friend and decided to give it a try. The lessons by Ms Pamelyn Low were very engaging and productive and I learnt how to answer application questions. The notes given by Ms Pamelyn were detailed and straightforward which made me begin to like Physics. Through Ms Pamelyn’s teaching, I was able to score an A2 for my O Level Physics!


Compassvale Secondary School | D7 to A2

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Ms Rinittha D/O Mathialagan

Tr Rini embodies the ideal blend of expertise, innovation, and care for her students.

Teacher Rini skillfully covers a range of subjects, including lower secondary science tuition classes and upper secondary combined science classes.

Through meticulous planning, preparation, and delivery of lessons aligned with The Classroom’s curriculum, she employs diverse teaching methodologies to guarantee high-quality learning outcomes for her students.

Her innovative teaching methods, commitment to student progress, and dedication to creating a safe and conducive learning environment promise not just academic excellence but a love for learning that lasts a lifetime.

Our Team

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