Why Do Over 1000 Students & Parents Trust Us Over The Last 10 Years?

We use a proven methodology that is simple, effective, and works brilliantly on primary school students in our Math tuition classes.

Our three phase approach which focuses on strengthening fundamentals and cultivating skills has enabled students across a variety of ability levels to benefit from our programmes.

Phase I

Building Conceptual Understanding, Solidifying Fundamentals.

Firstly, we help our students understand the key concepts in the various Math topics they have learnt in school.

Phase II

Developing The Thought Process, Applying Heuristics Correctly.

Next, we teach your child how to identify the concept tested in questions and how to select the right heuristic/strategy to solve it correctly.


Phase III

Consistent & Effective Practice Leads To Fantastic Results

Finally with customised weekly practice, we will help your child close learning gaps quickly.

From experience, this leads to a huge increase in confidence which then translates to better results.

Here’s What Some Parents Had To Say About Their Kids’ Math Tuition Experience!

Fraction was new topic in school and my daughter was so confused with what was taught in school about the concept of comparison of fractions of same denominator vs comparison of fractions of same numerators. Thats when she started attending Joey’s lesson. After her lesson, my daughter can understand, i mean REALLY understand. Not by memorisation of a certain “rule”, but she understand the concept and its relation to real life! I was impressed by this immediately. Thanks Teacher Joey!

Jean, Mummy of Alvina

Joey is passionate, caring, and is effective in her teaching styles. Knowing that my daughters has different learning needs (ADD and dyslexia), she customized lessons to cater to my daughters’ needs. To allow my daughters to better focus during lessons, Joey volunteered to provide bite-sized lessons for them almost every day!

I won’t do that if I’m a tutor. My daughters were poor in academics but they have shown much improvement after I engaged Joey as their tutor. They used to hate English and Mathematics but they see the subjects in a different light now.

Jonna, Mummy of P3 and P5 girls

We were introduced to Ms Joey through a close friend of ours. From our first meet up with Ms Joey, the emotion we felt was a sense of warmth and calm.

Meeting her gave me a memory of a great tutor that I had when I was a young child. I liked Ms Joey right away.

More importantly, we could feel that Sienna was instantly very comfortable with Ms Joey. Over time, we could see Ms Joey’s patient and nurturing personality toward Sienna. For Sienna to always look forward to attend Ms Joey’s classes is something that we truly appreciate.

Sienna even enjoys staying back after class and we have always felt very safe leaving Sienna with her. She has given and provided for Sienna the joy of learning and a lot of positive energy. Academically, we saw a distinct improvement in our daughter.

Ms Joey is a rare find for us. We are so thankful that she is able to help Sienna grow and develop into the child she is today. She has teaching skillsets that enables children to thrive in. We are truly grateful. She’s world class.

Mummy of Sienna

I got an A for PSLE!

A Super High One

Results aligned with parents expectations!

Your centre’s notes are very clear! Spoke to my girl and she told me that understands the lesson and enjoys the class!

The revision techniques you taught me is good reinforcement. Now, she can do those questions already!

Licia's mummy

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