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Our comprehensive curriculum is designed to give students both clarity and confidence in Lower Secondary Math, O Level A.Math and E.Math, helping students improve by up to 3 to 6 grades in as little as 2 months flat*!


achieved an A1, A2 or B3
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O Level Amath testimonial
O Level Amath testimonial
O Level Amath testimonial Shanyce

Want to score a Distinction for Math?

Discover a teaching system to improve up to 6 grades within 2 months* 

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Math Confusion to Confidence with Our GPS Method

Grasp Concepts: Understanding Beyond Memorization

We help students develop a strong understanding of Math concepts using our Blueprint System™. This method is used during our weekly classes to help students learn and apply Math concepts.

These blueprints guide students through:

  • Essential strategies for approaching any Math problem.
  • A comprehensive breakdown of potential exam questions.
  • Detailed insights into major topics, crucial for overcoming the challenge of inconsistent grades.

With a clear understanding on concepts we will then expose them to…


Practice makes Perfect: Perfecting Skills Through Practice

Practice is the bridge between learning and mastering.

Our unique Blueprint System™ effectively teaches students how to approach each question using a systematic thinking process.

Together with our specially curated question bank, these variety of resources build exam readiness. This not only reinforces their knowledge but also boosts their problem-solving speed, accuracy and confidence!

Practice makes Perfect: Perfecting Skills Through Practice

Practice is the bridge between learning and mastering.

Our unique Blueprint System™ effectively teaches students how to approach each question using a systematic thinking process.

Together with our specially curated question bank, these variety of resources build exam readiness. This not only reinforces their knowledge but also boosts their problem-solving speed, accuracy and confidence!

Successful Application: Excellence in Exams and Life

 Successful Application is our end goal.

What this means is knowing exactly which concept and skills to apply when your child sees an exam question!

Our approach fosters critical thinking and analytical skills, preparing students for success in their academic and future careers.

Why Choose Us?

  • Specialized Math Focus: Tailored curriculum emphasizing key Mathematical concepts and strategies.
  • Custom Study Materials: Our exclusive resources and blueprints simplify complex ideas, making learning more accessible.
  • Interactive, Engaging Lessons: We believe in making learning fun and effective, ensuring students remain motivated and interested.
  • 98% of our students improve by at least 3 grades of score As and Bs! Not only do our students improve, many regain their confidence in Math! (Several of our students who used to fail at Math are now majoring in Math in University!)

Navigate your child’s journey from confusion to confidence with our GPS (Grasp, Practice, Succeed) methodology.

Let The Classroom be your guide through the world of Math, charting a course to mastery and distinctions! Embark on this transformative journey by signing up for our trial class via the form below or reaching out to us on WhatsApp for more information!

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The Classroom
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06:41 28 Jan 24
Mr Anthony is a really patient and caring teacher and ensures that I clear my doubts on concepts that I'm not sure off. He would use effective acronyms to make me remember the stuffs better.
sarah limsarah lim
13:52 23 Jan 24
Yun XiYun Xi
08:27 23 Jan 24
Really helpful notes and video lessons to refer to and rewatch. Mr Jeremy is real friendly and helpful. I finally passed chem! 😂😭💀
02:59 23 Jan 24
I'd like to convey my heartfelt thank you and my gratitude to Mr Anthony Goh for teaching my son Physics since he was in Sec 3 all through O levels. Thank you for patiently answering his queestions after the physical classes and also via online mode. My son improved over the 2years and he scored an A2 for Physics in his O-levels!Thank you very much Mr Goh for your patience and dedication!
Zhi XianZhi Xian
15:35 21 Jan 24
We are grateful to Mr Goh for helping Zhi Xian improve his O level result in Physics. From the classroom and personal coaching to clarify Zhi Xian doubts, Zhi Xian developed a better understanding of the concepts and awareness of what the questions are asking. This boosted his confidence in physics which was lacking before.
Annie ZhangAnnie Zhang
13:30 21 Jan 24
I wish to extend my heartfelt appreciation to Mr. Goh for his invaluable assistance in guiding my son through his A Math academic journey. Prior to enrolling in The Classroom, my son consistently struggled, getting F9 and E8 in A Math throughout Sec 3. I chanced upon The Classroom and made the decision to enroll my son and I never regretted.My son only practice/revise for his A Math during his tuition time with Mr Goh. I believe under Mr. Goh's instructional methods, my son has made a remarkable turnaround in his A Math for his O level — B3. We are very thankful to Mr Goh.I also want to commend their office manager, Clara, who has consistently displayed kindness and patience in addressing all my inquiries. Her dedication to providing excellent customer service has further enhanced our positive experience with The Classroom.
Dawn NgDawn Ng
04:46 20 Dec 23
My boy first joined Jeremy class at sec 3. His average score was B4 back then. Under Jeremy's tutelage, he became more confident in answering the questions and Jeremy made it easier with his answering techniques. Jeremy is patient and makes sure all of his students fully understand each topic clearly. Jeremy goes the extra mile if any of his students need abit more help. I really appreciate Jeremy's dedication.I was elated that my boy scored A2 for combined science in his N Levels. Good achievement from a B4 and thanks to the classroom.
Polyanna LowPolyanna Low
04:23 19 Dec 23
Jeremy is a very dedicated teacher. He is clear & concise in his teaching too. My daughter achieved A2 for chem/phy
Agnes LauAgnes Lau
02:37 19 Dec 23
Their concept initially was to combine both ecpress and NA students. Teacher Jeremy will observed n follow up on the students progress. After which he open up a class solely for NA students (even though there are only 3 students) upon observing that it helps them to focus more n learn better. My girl grades jumped from a C6 to a B3. Thank you!
Linda NgLinda Ng
03:19 02 Dec 23
Mr Andy is able to focus on my kids Math weaknesses & most importantly my kids understand his teaching result in improvement. High recommended
Li Sze ChuaLi Sze Chua
13:02 13 Nov 23
Teacher Andy is a very dedicated teacher as he always shows his students examples on how to tackle different solutions to different math problems and not only that but he is also willing to answer every question that is posed to him with clear explanations and different examples. Teacher Andy highlights the student’s weaknesses in different topics and help them to overcome it. He has also helped my child to boost up his marks significantly . Overall Teacher Andy is an excellent teacher with great teaching .
Angie KohAngie Koh
15:36 09 Nov 23
Kudos to Mr Aimer for going the extra mile in tutoring my son. Thank you very much 😊
Seah ShirleySeah Shirley
07:28 09 Nov 23
Aimer is a wonderful teacher who is willing to go extra mile for his students. He knows how to handle my son and help him who is weak in maths to improve his grades. He is willing to stay outside his committed tuition time to bond with the students.I really appreciate Aimer for helping jethro overcome fear of maths to be able to help another of his tutor mates to solve maths questions. That is breakthrough Jethro!Thank you for helping Jethro realised he can achieve his full potential
NASA FamilyNASA Family
10:27 08 Nov 23
Teacher Andy Chang is very dedicated teacher who always make sure the pupils understand the topics. His method of teaching executed well, friendly towards the parents too. The centre is well managed, with Clara who always keep the parents informed with anything regarding the centres. During june 2023 holiday, we were away for a month holiday, since the centre was not close, they are happily arranged make up classes and zoom lessons as well. Very happy with the centre and the teacher!! Well done! and since attending the classes (sec 1), my daughter been scoring 90's.. Highly recommended!! Additional info, they kept the student ratio 1:8. The class room big enough with good lighting too. Condusive for the pupils to learn. So, 5 🌟 for the classroom math!! 👍😍
Hazel WenceslaoHazel Wenceslao
09:20 08 Nov 23
Claire ChanClaire Chan
13:36 31 Oct 23
Initially, I joined The Classroom because I was really worried that I would find Chem hard to understand with the Sec 3 and Sec 4 topics. However, I really genuinely feel I gained a lot of confidence in Chem because Mr Jeremy's explanations are always really easy to understand and the practices we do every week help me recall everything. The notes we get are also really detailed and super helpful in consolidating everything together. I really appreciate how Mr Jeremy will always answer all our questions and explains questions to me even outside of tuition, sacrificing his free time to do so! I feel the learning environment was really conducive here and that was much more confident in and did well in my Chem!! Thank you so much :))
chloe dankerchloe danker
13:26 26 Oct 23
thanks to teacher jeremy, i was able to strengthen my foundation in chemistry, helping me to see a huge improvement in my grades. he is very patient and always takes his own personal time to answer any queries i might have, ensuring I grasped even the most challenging topics. his teaching methods made it easy and enjoyable to study and learn chemistry, which really helped in not only pushing my grades to an A, but also helped me enjoy learning chemistry. i can confidently say that his teaching has greatly impacted my learning and i highly recommend it to anyone looking to excel in chemistry!
Raphael GohRaphael Goh
12:39 02 Apr 23
Being a student at this place was a wonderful experience. I struggled with my science and math which were my 2 subjects that pulled my marks down. Being part of The Classroom was very memorable and even made some friends.The environment of The Classroom is ideal for learning and productive. The teachers here care so much for their students and stay up to respond to our questions when we burn the midnight oil.Teachers to note are Yida and Jeremy as they are always looking forward to inspire students and help them improve. Both my sciences were a D7 to an F9. after joining classroom, a gradual improvement was set upon me, climbing slowly to b3s and finally for O levels, an A1.I would highly recommend "The Classroom" to any students struggling with the sciences or maths.

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The Classroom Helped Filza Jump 6 Grades For O Level Math – She went from an F9 to scoring a B3 For A.Math & A1 For E.Math!

Filza's mummy

Singapore Chinese Girls' School

You Are Probably The Best Tutor I’ve Had (And I’ve Taken A LOT Of Tuition). Thanks For Helping Me Score An A2 For Both A and E Math For O Levels!

Keith Tan

Bowen Secondary School

I Managed To Enrol Into The JC of My Choice! My Math Grades Jumped From a D7 to B3 For O Levels Within a Span Of Less Than a Year!

Kirsten Ong

St Anthonay's Canossian Convent

Before joining The Classroom, I had difficulties in understanding math concepts. Thus I struggled with applying formulas and solving questions, which resulted in a D7 for math. 

[Mr Goh] made sure that I understood his teachings before moving on. With that, my mistakes were always corrected.

Furthermore, my accuracy of solving the question increased, saving me a lot more time during exams.

In the end, I scored A2 for my O Level!

Valerie Koh

Pei Hwa Secondary School

O Level Amath testimonial
O Level Amath testimonial
O Level Amath testimonial Shanyce