Does Your Child Want Better Results in O Level A.Math?

[A.Math can be difficult. We Make It Easy. Find Out About The 3 Stage Method We Use  Below.]

Over the years, we’ve come to realise that studying more doesn’t always equate to doing better at A.Math.

The truth is, unless you know which stage your child is stuck at, it can be both frustrating and demoralising to do amath.

I was getting low F9s and only sat for my examinations without studying because I was just so discouraged by my lack of understanding.” – Ayuni

“I struggled a lot with Amath that I almost dropped the subject. I had a 9/80 for my sec 3 end of year exams and felt that I would not even pass O’s the next year.” – Shanyce

But the good news is once your child is clear on what the 3 Stage Method is, doing well becomes easy.

The 3 Stages To O Level Amath Mastery

Stage 1: Content Mastery

Students stuck in Stage 1 typically have a poor understanding of what’s being taught in class.

Practicing more questions will not help as it does not solve the root problem – understanding what the topic is about!

To help, our tutors use our proprietary notes and worksheets to build familiarity and understanding.

Proprietary Formula Booklet + A.Math Blueprints

Stage 2: Skill Mastery

In stage 2, your child will start to build O Level A.Math competency. He will be exposed to a wide variety of question types so he knows the steps needed to solve each type of questions.

Students stuck in stage 2 tend to do well in mini tests or graded assignments, but just can’t seem to experience the same success for major exams. They understand the lessons and teacher but just can’t seem to score.

Mastery of stage 2 will lead to improved confidence in A.Math because students will start to feel that they are now able to now tackle the questions on my own.

Stage 3: Application Mastery

In this stage, we teach our students to “decode” questions so they know exactly when to apply all the different skills taught.

We achieve this by giving them a “bird’s eye view” of each topic, exposing them to common cross chapter questions and more. Students who reach this stage tend to be A1, A2 or B3 (for the careless ones) scorers.


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