HCF LCM Quick Revision Guide

F.R.E.E Factors and Multiples Quick Revision Guide


If you are looking for a tested and proven method to scoring distinctions in Mathematics, this may just be what you are looking for!

Specially prepared for our Secondary 1 students, this Factors and Multiples Quick Revision Guide will show you how to shorten your learning curve and still distinctions!  

  • Discover how our students can go from F9 to A1 without doing any homework!
  • Discover how you don’t have to practice hundreds of questions to be exposed to “as-many-different-types-of-questions-as-possible”.
  • Learn about the 5 different types of Factors and Multiples questions and how to solve them immediately.

  Many of our own students have benefited from this Quick Revision Guide year after year. Here’s a chance for you to do so too!

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