For Sec 4/5 Students Still Serious About Scoring An A1. A2 or B3 For O Level Amath…

The Classroom’s A.Math Intensive Grade Accelerator Programme (iGAP) Helps Over 75% Students Score A1, A2, B3 Within 16 Weeks

(Shocking – All students were C6 and below scorers!)

Are you worried that your child is not going to pass O Level A.Math?


By now, your child should have received their WA2 results, and maybe you’re in shock because you never knew how bad the situation was.

Perhaps you’ve seen your child studying, doing TYS, attempting prelim questions, and you thought it was ok, that hard work will pay off.

But no. Nothing has changed. And it’s beginning to feel like no matter how hard they struggle, their grades don’t seem to get any better.

And it is worrying because they need to do well to get into the course of their choice!


Perhaps you’re beginning to wonder if it’s even possible to pass anymore because the WA2 was so poorly done. Incomplete answers, blank pages, wrong concepts. And to make matters worse, the O Level exams are in 16 weeks which means time is running out.

You want to tell your child to work harder, but you can’t bear to. After going through failure after failure, your child’s confidence is at rock bottom and there is panic.


Parents, if this sounds familiar, I can probably understand how you feel.

Your child needs to buck up their A.Math, and they need to do it fast.

Math Specialist Who Has Coached Over 2000 Students Designs A.Math Programme That Helped Secondary School Students Jump 2 – 6 Grades In Under 16 Weeks

Hi parents,

My name is Jeremy Neo, founder of The Classroom.

Since 2009, my team and I have coached close to 3000 students from over 63 secondary schools in Singapore, and we have helped them to achieve success in a relatively short period of time.

Some jump 2, 3, 4 or even 5 grades just by consistently applying the skills and strategies we teach in our classes!

We are able to do this for our students by making A.Math extremely easy with our:


  • Simple way of teaching each topic and concept – this ensures students gain clarity fast.
  • Dedicated teachers – that give each child individual attention and the support they need to improve
  • Techniques, exam strategies, and specialised learning materials – that we’ve used to “hand-hold” over 1,000+ students to their B’s and A’s!

“Every Topic Was Covered From Scratch…”

I received a devastating F9 grade for my AMaths during the sec 4 mid year exam.

A friend thus introduced me to The Classroom. Seeing how he excelled in A.Maths, I decided to give it a try as well.

Over the course of 3 months, each and every topic was covered from scratch with different techniques that made it easier to understand questions I found unsolveable in the past.

It soon became clear to me, that this was a good decision made as I scored a C5 for my prelims (within 2 months) and finally an A1 for O Levels.

Glenn Tang

iGAP Graduate, Compassvale Secondary School

“Very Engaging Style of Teaching & Useful Resources”

I was doing quite badly in A.Math, consistently getting F9 and never passing an A.Math exam before in my Upper Secondary life.

This obviously made me anxious and afraid as O Levels were drawing near and I was still failing up till my mid year exams.

My mum searched online and read the testimonials and I decided to sign up. The style of teaching and pace of the lessons were very engaging and also the resources are very useful.

The lessons were well paced and comfortable to be in, if there were any questions, I could always consult openly. In the end, I managed to get an A2 for my O Level A.Math. This could not have been possible without the help of Ms Low. Thank you!

Keefe Yap

iGAP Graduate, Maris Stella High School

“Tremedous Improvement In a Short Period of Time…”

I was initially struggling badly with A Math, constantly getting a F9 for every exam since Sec 3.

I felt very lost and discouraged as I could not understand the concepts that were being taught. I came across The Classroom’s advertisement about a 16 Week Intensive Programme online. After reading various reviews and testimonials, I decided to give it a last shot.

Lessons at The Classroom were very beneficial. I had a clearer understanding of the concepts after each lesson and it made me motivated to practise on more questions.

Ms Low was really patient and approachable and was even willing to stay back after class to guide me. She taught me how to identify and approach different types of questions in each topic. I felt more confident after a few lessons as I could finally get started on solving questions on my own.

After much effort and guidance, I improved from a F9 in MYE to C5 in Prelims… and B3 in O Levels! Thanks to Ms Low, I managed to improve tremendously within a such a short period of time.

Bernice James

iGAP Graduate, Bendeemer Secondary School

How Can Your Child Improve Quickly And
Achieve Good Grades For ‘O’ Level A-Math Too?

With only a few months left to the O Level exams, we’re inviting students who are still serious about scoring an A1, A2 or B3 to our Intensive Grade Accelerator Programme that will guide your child to scoring their A1/A2 over 16 weeks.


In these 16 weeks, we will focus on one key topic each week, and teach your child the specific content knowledge, techniques, as well as other exam strategies we’ve developed here at The Classroom

  • 1 topic per week – reteach + recap
  • O Level standard questions – if you can do all the questions in our classes, a minimum B3 is almost guaranteed
  • O level question analysis – how to “decode” and understand what the question is asking for
  • Blueprints – templated steps to answer commonly tested questions!


Types of Questions + Starting Steps

Basic Skills + Starting Steps

So, if your child is still struggling to score a Distinction, they will find our iGAP useful because our combination of subject content revision + techniques + special formulas we’ve developed allows them to understand and apply each topic easily.


In short, we will fully equip your child for their A.Math paper in the 16 weeks leading up to their exams.


Now, unfortunately, I need to caution you that this workshop is not for every student.


While the skills and strategies I will be sharing are the exact same ones that have helped my students top their class / cohort, it will not work if your child is not open to learning.


But, if you understand your child, and you know for sure, that he is willing to re-learn and apply what is taught, that he is open to learning more effective A.Math techniques to help him with his upcoming O Level A.Math exam, I am inviting you to join me quick!


Because of space and time constraints, I will only be taking in a final 12 more committed students who serious about learning these strategies, applying them and transforming their A.Math grades.

“Started to Find A.Math Fun!”

Before joining The Classroom, I struggled with A.Math so much that I felt that it was a lost cause. I had zero motivation to do A.Math well and stopped caring whether I passed or not. I wasn’t the slightest bit bothered about getting F9s for every single A math test.

I heard about The Classroom from a good friend of my mom’s. I was kind of doubtful that the classes can turn my grades around to be very honest.

However, lessons at The Classroom provided me clear explanations of new concepts and I started to get the hang of secondary 4 A.Math topics. They pointed out all my careless mistakes time and again, and patiently explained methods repeatedly if I didn’t understand.

They even helped me to catch up with the secondary 3 topics which I completely lost touch with before. They were patient enough to walk through worksheets and questions with me. I started to get the hang of A math in general and even found it fun!!

I scored an B3 for O Levels, and I can safely say that I have improved because of them and lesson at the classroom gave me more confidence to do A.Math well.

Shandy Wee

iGAP Graduate, Anglican High School

“Unlock My Critical Thinking Skills…”

Before I joined The Classroom for the 4 months crash course, I struggled to even pass for A Math, and felt trapped in a crevasse whenever I did an A Math question.

Thankfully, as an existing student, I got referred to Ms Pam’s class. Ms Pam was patient and attentive to my queries and helped me to unlock my critical thinking skills to approach various questions, topic by topic, with monthly revisions through recap tests.

I started to understand the subject even more and was able to solve majority if the questions in my prelim exams as well as other school papers assigned by my teacher.

Under Ms Pam’s dedicated guidance, I attained an A2 for O Levels. Thanks, Ms Pam!


iGAP Graduate, Nan Chiau High School

Intensive Grade Accelerator Programme –
Topics, Schedule & Lesson Fees

Here’s are more details about the iGAP schedules, topics covered, and outline for each lesson!
(So you know exactly what to expect each week!)

Quick Summary

  1. 16 lessons
  2. Thursdays 5pm to 7pm (almost full)
  3. Physical class (online option may be available upon request)
  4. Address: Blk 806 Hougang Central #04-154 S(530806)

New classes added!

Due to popular demand, we are adding a new class timing – Sundays from 11am to 1pm!

  1. Physical class (online options may be available)
  2. Address: Blk 806 Hougang Central #04-154 S(530806)
In this 16 week programme, your child will learn how to:

  • Identify and Apply key concepts important for the O Level exam to tackle their questions.
  • Answer questions effectively by learning exam-oriented answering techniques
  • Understand how the O Level marking scheme works to score the maximum possible marks
  • Develop the correct train of thought when solving more complex, higher order questions.


In short, the iGAP has all the tools and information your child will need to instantly become a better student, and be armed with the same knowledge “smarter” students use to score their Distinctions!


This is going to be a grade-changing 16 weeks, especially for students who have tried almost everything they can to improve but are still scoring mediocre results.


We’ve used this system over the past 10 years for close to 3000 students, and now, it’s your child’s turn to be our next success story. Lock the dates down in your calendar right now and secure your seats!


The Classroom’s Intensive Grade Accelerator Programme

6 JUL to 19 OCT (16 WEEKS)

Thursdays | 5pm to 7pm

Fee: $85 per lesson (Early Bird Promo Now On! Save $160!)

Here’s What More Students And Parents Say About Our Lessons!

“I was doing quite badly in A-math, consistently getting F9 and never passing an A math exam before in my Upper secondary life.

This obviously made me anxious and afraid as O levels were drawing near and I was still failing up till my mid year exams. My mum searched online and read the testimonials and I decided to give it a shot. The style of teaching and pace of the lessons were very engaging and also the resources are very useful. The lessons were well paced and comfortable to be in if there were any questions i could always openly consult.

I progressively got better, moving to a D7 for A math and then ultimately getting a B3 for my O level A math exam! From a hopeless F9 to a satisfactory B3. Thanks Ms Low!”


Montfort Secondary School

In Sec 3, I was struggling badly in Amath and it seemed like NO MATTER HOW MUCH EFFORT I put into understanding Amath, I would nevertheless score consistent F9s in my exams.

I then decided to join The Classroom in the hope of improving my grades – and it didn’t disappoint! I would have to thank Jeremy for being a crucial part of my olevel journey, for without his guidance I would’ve been unable to score a distinction! :~)

Natalie Tham

Nan Chiau High School

Just want to inform you. Filza got a B3 for A.math and A1 for E.Math. Thank you so much for motivating her and getting her to go on full drive for her O Level Exams.

Our sincere gratitude to you. She started from an F9… No doubt if she had started the engine from the beginning she would have done better. You have made her love the subject.

Thank you!

Nur Filza's Mummy

Singapore Chinese Girls' School

With Only 4 Months Left, What Your Child Needs Is Support And Guidance Every Step Of The Way – And That’s Where The iGAP Comes In…

The iGAP is specially designed for students who are serious about making huge transformations in their grades and scoring distinctions.

Your child needs to be committed to work hard and adopt our strategies to achieve results.


At the same time, this also means that you need the commitment and support from the right centre and the right teachers.

It’s not just about the lessons, techniques, and strategies we cover once a week. It’s also about our teachers that take the time, even outside of lessons, to help your child.


Your child will be able to have an open channel of 24/7 WhatsApp support from our teachers to ask questions, clarify things they’re not clear about, and get homework help.

(We’re doing this to make sure we leave no stone unturned in your child’s improvement.)



Before and After class 1 – to – 1 consults. Have a burning question from your school homework? And no one to help? Simply let Ms Low know that you’ve got an S.O.S situation and she will arrange a one to one consult with your child to help – at no extra cost!

(We’re doing this because we want you to know that we are serious and dedicated toward your child’s academic success!)

Parents, if you’re looking for the right revision programme to support your child to better grades for A.Math,


Click on link below and sign up now! Only 12 seats per class! Once they’re gone, they’re gone!


Parents, we know that a 16 week programme is not a small commitment for you and your child, especially as these 16 weeks lead right up to the exam. And, if the programme is not right for your child, it will be too late for them to find another one after 16 weeks!


We believe that it’s crucial that your child is in the right programme that can help them improve. To support you even further, you have my unconditional 100% money-back guarantee:


If for any reason whatsoever the iGAP does not work, and your child does not experience an increase their understanding,  then simply ask for a FULL 100% refund after the first session and I will return you every single penny – no questions asked!


If you have any other enquiries, feel free to call us at 63853846 or Whatsapp us at 87493227 (click to whatsapp).

Looking forward to transforming your child’s A-Math grades in time for their ‘O’ Level papers.


See you at The Classroom!