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Discover the system that has helped over 2000 students jump 2 to 6 grades in as little as 2 months*!

*our fastest student jumped 7 grades in 2 months!

Scores of parents who previously were worried with how their child would fare for O Level math,

are now thrilled to see their children jump up by 2-6 grades in Math in a short period of time!

The Classroom Helped Filza Jump 6 Grades For O Level Math – She went from an F9 to scoring a B3 For A.Math & A1 For E.Math!

Filza's Mummy

Singapore Chinese Girls' School

You Are Probably The Best Tutor I’ve Had (And I’ve Taken A LOT Of Tuition). Thanks For Helping Me Score An A2 For Both A and E Math For O Levels!

Keith Tan

Bowen Secondary School

Joining The Classroom Was Probably One Of The Best Decisions I’ve Ever Made. I Went From Failing Math To Scoring A B3 For O Levels!

Chu Jiayinn

Zhonghua Secondary School

I Managed To Enrol Into The JC of My Choice! My Math Grades Jumped From a D7 to B3 For O Levels Within a Span Of Less Than a Year!

Kirsten Ong

St Anthony's Canossian

Learning at The Classroom

  • How to develop the strong understanding of Math concepts using our Blueprint System™. This method is used during our weekly classes to help students learn and apply Math concepts. Mastery will mean that students will have a clear idea on how to start and NOT leave blanks during tests and exams.
  • How to score distinctions in A.Math & E.Math by getting familiar with GCE O Level Math questions. We help your child achieve this with our specially curated question bank to build exam readiness.
  • Acquire problem solving, critical thinking and logical reasoning skills that A1 scorers have. Our unique Blueprint System™ effectively teaches students how to approach each question using a systematic thinking process.
  • How to improve at least 2 grades which over 90% of our students have achieved. Not only do our students improve, many regain their confidence in Math! Several of our students who used to fail at Math are now majoring in Math in University!

Sec 1 – 2 Math

Build a Firm Foundation

Gain a strong foundation in basic mathematical concepts like algebra, which your child needs to ACE upper Sec A & E.Math.

Acquire the know-hows to solving math confidently.

O Level E.Math (Sec 3 – 5)

Sharpen Mathematical Skills & Application

In addition to coaching your child on the basics, we provide exposure to a variety of application-based questions in line with the latest O level Math syllabus.

O Level A.Math (Sec 3 – 5)

Master & Apply Challenging Mathematical Concepts

Master challenging concepts, identify when to apply a particular skill/method by decoding a question, and gain insights on how to approach and solve application-based questions!

Let our tutors guide your child toward O Level Math Success!

Over 2000 of our students have jumped 2-6 grades in just 6 months!

Our Formula to Success: The C-Cube Trigger System


We use our proprietary notes, worksheets and resources to help students gain a strong understanding of the latest O Level syllabus. 

This instils confidence and forms a strong foundation for students to learn more challenging concepts moving forward.


Students are taught key concepts with structured steps on how to approach and solve questions allowing them to stay one step ahead.

We also impart certain math hacks in class to allow students to tackle exams effectively & meticulously.


After every topic, we take the time to “decode” commonly asked exam questions so students are familiar with keywords/ phrases and know which skills to apply.

This helps students to consistently score in exams!

Find Out Why Parents Love The Classroom

We Don’t Cherry Pick Our Students

We do not have a policy of screening our students as we believe that every student has the potential to rise to the challenge.

If there is a will, there is a way, so long as our students are willing to learn we will go all out to cultivate each and every one of them.

Our students jump from F’s, E’s & D’s to B’s & A’s, simply put there is no mountain too high to climb.

Optimal Class Size for Learning

We prioritize every single student by maintaining an optimal class size to maximize the learning experience for everyone.

In the event the number of students increase, we would be more than happy to open up new classes/timings to accommodate our students.

Engaging, Interactive Lessons

In our classroom, every lesson is comprehensively covered – from the basics to advance concepts to ensure that no one is left behind.

Additionally, we provide tips and strategies rarely taught in schools that our students can apply to save time and enhance results. Active participation is encouraged among students to keep the momentum going.

Dedicated & Qualified Team of Educators

For over a decade, we have successfully coached hundreds of students who have passed their exams with flying colours and succeeded in landing their dream course/school.

We are committed to guiding our students every step of the way, rest assured that your child is in good hands at The Classroom.

Our teachers are equipped with the
best resources to help your child excel in Math! 

1 out of 2 of our students score A1 or A2 for their O level exams!

Testimonials From Our Graduates

Before joining The Classroom, I struggled a lot with Amath that I almost dropped the subject. I had a 9/80 for my sec 3 end of year exams and felt that i would not even pass o’s the next year.

After the 2hour trial lesson, I learnt more than what I learnt in school in a week!

In the end, I scored an A2 during my O levels and even used it in my L1R5.

Shanyce Lim, Singapore Chinese Girls’ School, From F9 to A2 A.Math

Before joining The Classroom, I had difficulties in understanding math concepts. Thus I struggled with applying formulas and solving questions, which resulted in a D7 for math. 

[Mr Goh] made sure that I understood his teachings before moving on. With that, my mistakes were always corrected.

Furthermore, my accuracy of solving the question increased, saving me a lot more time during exams.

In the end, I scored A2 for my O Level!

Valerie Koh, Pei Hwa Secondary School, From D7 to A2 E.Math

Before joining The Classroom, I was lost in the world of A.Math. I was struggling to find the correct method for the questions as they were complicated. I started disliking A.Math as i could not solve anything and found it very frustrating. I was failing my A.Math exams until my mother sent me to a tuition called The Classroom.

They guided me to learn the proper methods and skills for the different types of question. My results changed from D7 to A2 in the O levels!

I cannot be more grateful towards The Classroom.

Nexus Lee, From D7 to A2 A.Math

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Since our inception in 2009, we have held on firmly to our core values and not cherry picked our students. We do not believe in entrance tests or accepting only students from elite schools. We are proud to say that roughly 1 out of 2 students score an A1 or A2 for their O Level exams. Many of these students were previously borderline cases or even F9 students and they managed to jump 6 grades to achieve a distinction at either chemistry, physics or math!

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