O Level A.Math & E.Math Tuition

With more than a decade of experience teaching O Level A.math and E.Math, our teachers have the perfect formula that will help your child master math strategically.

Introducing The G.P.S. Method

G – Grasp Concepts

We use our proprietary notes, worksheets and resources to help students gain a strong understanding of the latest O Level A Math and E Math syllabus. 

This instils confidence and forms a strong foundation for students to learn more challenging concepts moving forward

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“Sophie said that the lesson was engaging and you made it interesting!! =) Hurray to hear that!”
– Mother of Sophie Goh


“Jae Yee said that you are very engaging and enjoyed your lessons. Thanks!
– Mother of Seah Jae Yee


“Feedback from him was good. He said you taught in a different way as you encouraged participation of the class”
– Father of Bryan Lim

What this means is that your child will probably enjoy increased comprehension, which leads to increased interest in the subject, which leads to…

BAM! Massive results!

You see, using these language patterns opens up the child’s learning capacity without them even knowing, which enables students to be receptive to learning from the moment they step into the classroom.

This willingness and openness translates into increased attention and interest in the topic being taught.

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P – Purposeful Practice

Students are taught key concepts with structured steps on how to approach and solve questions allowing them to stay one step ahead.

We also impart certain math hacks in class to allow students to tackle exams effectively & meticulously.

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skills topic
approach method

S – Successful Application

After every topic, we take the time to “decode” commonly asked exam questions so students are familiar with keywords/ phrases and know which skills to apply.

This helps students to consistently score in exams!

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Need More Convincing???

(Here are a few more INTERESTING reasons that will probably WOW you…)

Reason #1: We Are Worth Travelling For

Just like how many Singaporeans are willing to travel from one corner of our island to another just to enjoy good food, an increasing number of our students come to us from further and further away! We have students who come to us (we are located in Hougang…) weekly from Woodlands, Choa Chu KangSembawangPasir Ris etc etc… just to attend our 1.5 hourly classes! To be honest, we are blown away by the lengths some of our students and parents are willing to go for us!

 The tutor before you was just 3 mins away from our house but Marc would be so upset to go. He rather travel an hour to get to your tuition centre. Thank you so much!”

Natalie Tham

Claudine, Marc's Mother

Reason #2: We Have A Super High Student “Retention” Rate

In addition to producing good results, many of our students stay on after their first trial lesson, or their first term or their first year! One of the reasons why our drop out rate is so low is because we run lessons that students understand! (Some students have ranked us amongest the best tutors they have… some say even better than their school teachers! Some have prayed that we would also run ‘A’-Level classes but… that’s another story.)

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Who will be coaching my child?

All classes will be run by our full time tutors or ex MOE teachers.

Our teachers have successfully coached hundreds of students to their As and helped them land their dream schools/courses. Backed by raving reviews/testimonials from students and parents alike, they are 100% confident your child will benefit from our programmes!

What will my child learn during your weekly sessions?

Our teachers teach actual lessons at The Classroom. (We strongly DO NOT believe in just giving worksheets!)

Each chapter is taught from scratch – we assume the student has zero knowledge and has yet to cover it in school.
This allows our lessons to be comprehensive to ensure the student knows everything required by the SEAB O Level syllabus.

In addition, we create and provide Tips and Strategies rarely taught in schools, that can be applied easily to save time and enhance results.

Do you take in failing students?

We do not believe in cherry-picking or screening our students.

Many of our past students have come in with D7s, E8s and F9s and have managed to graduate with unexpectedly good results.

As long as the student wants to do well, and is willing to do whatever it takes, our tutors will go all out to ensure he/she is fully prepared by their EOYs or ‘O’ Level exams!

What is the size of your class?

When the class size becomes sufficiently large, we will open new classes/timings to reduce the average class size.

On average we have about 8 to 10 students in a class. Our weekend classes are usually full – 15 students in a class.

While no amount of convincing can convince you how effective our lessons are, I’m sure you will agree with me that unless our classes were effective and engaging, we will not be able to command such large class sizes!