‘O’ Level Physics Tuition (Pure / Combined)


The Classroom strives to provide the best O Level Physics Tuition lessons in Singapore.

We do so by engaging passionate teachers who strive to make learning as simple as possible. Coupled with Real Life Demonstrations, Detailed & Concise notes and carefully crafted practice questions, our O Level Physics Tuition programme strives to push each student to his maximum potential.


Excel With Ex-MOE Teacher & Full Time Tutors With Decades of Experience

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Why Take O Level Physics Tuition With Us?


We help your child improve, guaranteed.

Over the years, we found that A1/A2 students are able to consistently produce results effortlessly because they apply repeatedly a set of tested and proven strategies during their examinations.

 A1/A2 students are able to

  1. Have a crystal clear understanding of all material taught
  2. Structure their answers in a way that examiners want
  3. Apply what they’ve learnt to analyse and solve more challenging/unfamiliar problems

These strategies give students the upper hand during any examination and as a result, they are able to achieve a jump in grades & score distinctions… 

And we want to impart these strategies to your child!

What You Can Expect From Our Weekly Physics Classes

  1. How to Identify and Apply key concepts important for the O Level Physics exam to solve questions successfully
  2. How to Answer questions effectively by applying exam-oriented answering techniques
  3. How to Understand the O Level Physics marking scheme and how it works to score the maximum possible marks
  4. How to Use the Elimination Method to strive for Full Marks for Physics MCQs
  5. How to Check Answers to reduce careless mistakes to almost ZERO!


This is recommended for students who…

  1. Want to become better at O Level Physics
  2. Want to learn from teachers who are able to deliver quality content knowledge and skills within a short frame of time
  3. Are unable to find lessons in school beneficial
  4. Want to end up finding O Level Physics a breeze to study for.In short, our weekly 1.5 hour physics tuition classes aims to equip your child with all the tools and information he will need to instantly become a better Physics student.


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