Especially for parents of Sec 1 and Sec 2 students

Finally… The Classroom’s highly acclaimed Science Classes, that have helped over 90% of our O Level students score As and Bs, are now open for Lower Secondary Enrolment.


Grab this chance to improve your child’s Lower Secondary Science score by 10-20 marks within the next 3 months!

Are you secretly worried that Science will keep your child from taking the subjects they want?

Parents, you probably already know this…


To qualify for top university courses like Medicine or Dentistry, students need to take H2 Chem and Biology or Physics in JC. And to pursue these courses in JC, most JCs will require your child to take pure Chemistry and Biology or Physics in Secondary school.


And… to study pure Chemistry and Biology or Physics in Secondary 3, your child needs to do well for their lower secondary science.


And this is where it gets complicated.  Perhaps your child is not doing well for Science – and that D7, E8 or F9 does not bring a good feeling.

And for some reason, no matter how hard they study, they are barely scraping through. This is dragging their score further and further away from an A1, A2 or B3, and it’s worrying. They must score well to take pure science.


You’ve bought countless assessment books for your child, hoping that more practice will help, but you’re met with comments from the teacher that the “answer is not precise or specific enough.” You lose a mark here and there, and it all adds up.


You really want to see your child excel, but nothing seems to be working.  Your child’s self-confidence is at rock bottom. 


And if your child is in Sec 2 this year, streaming is just around the corner… not a pretty picture.


Lessons designed and taught by a team of tutors known for producing a high percentage of A1, A2 & B3 Students 

Read on to discover how their practical teaching methods and relatable lessons can help your child to achieve improvement within the next 3 months.

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Hi parents, this is Jeremy from The Classroom, a Math and Science tuition centre for Secondary school students.

Together with my team, we’ve put together a comprehensive Lower Secondary Science (LSS) programme, designed to help students gain mastery of Secondary 1 Science or Secondary 2 Science.

The objective of this programme is to help students regain confidence in LSS, score better results and ultimately have the option to pursue their desired courses in JC/Poly/Uni.

The truth is, when our Sec 3, 4 or 5 students join us, many of them share that one of the reasons they are struggling is becuase they did not understand lower secondary science, and ended up with a huge dislike for the subject. 

To help, we’ve designed a 3 phase programme to breakdown the LSS syllabus, help build fundamentals and instil exam readiness.

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Phase 1: Build Conceptual Understanding, Solidify Fundamentals.

Firstly, we help our students understand the key concepts in the various Science topics they have learnt in school. We do this by making use of our in-house notes designed by our team of ex-MOE teachers and full time tutors.


Phase II: Developing The Thought Process, Applying Keywords Correctly.

Next, we teach your child how to identify the concept tested in questions and how to select the right keywords to answer it correctly. Science is all about being as precise and specific as possible!


Phase III: Consistent & Effective Practice Builds Exam Readiness, Leading To Fantastic Results

Finally with customised weekly practice, we will help your child close learning gaps quickly. From experience, this leads to a huge increase in confidence which translates to better results!

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  • Take home our proprietary notes to immediately increase your child’s understanding of the topic
  • Get instant feedback from our tutor on your child’s weaknesses (review of most recent WA)
  • Within just 1.5h a week, grasp all content for Science through emphasis on our exam oriented lessons
  • See your child begin to have an interest in science

Lesson Schedule

Secondary 1

  • Tuesday 5pm – 630
  • Sunday 11am to 1230pm

Secondary 2

  • Tuesday 7pm – 830pm
  • Sunday 1pm – 230pm