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Testimonials From Our Graduates

I was overwhelmed by my failing grades that i totally lost my sense of directions. Thankfully, through my friends, i came to know of Mr Lee Ying Chang (YC) as he taught them before. I chose him among other available tutors partly because of the raving reviews i got from them.

The first thing he spoke to me during the first part of the first lesson has nothing to do with my math content, but rather setting my directions right. How useful and insightful that proved to be! He identified 2 issues for me to work on 1. identifying reasons for not doing well 2. how to move on from there.

The thing which i enjoyed most in the class was how he managed to simplify questions for us( which previously seems so insurmountable and complex to me) . Also, math can be the driest topic as we seldom apply them in real life especially for pure math topics.

But as YC is a math specialist who majored in math in NUS, he was able to share more in depth knowledge and applications to us for us to appreciate the math we are learning. That helps to motivate us in the learning massively. In the past, whenever i didn’t do well for the exam, i will blame the teachers and the “difficult ” exam questions.

It was YC who taught me to remove those excuses and work hard in improving myself. The greatest takeaway from YC is that he taught me “a true A student doesn’t just do well when teachers gave tips or when the exam questions were manageable. A true A student should excel regardless of the conditions. ” This realisation taught me to focus on myself during the stressful periods during exam preparation and not spend too much of my attention focusing on useless things which are beyond my control.

To the fortunate students in the future, i wouldn’t say YC is the best tutor out there( although that’s my view), but he is certainly one of the best out there who cares about what he does. Hopefully you guys can improve and get an A in math like me .


“Pamelyn was so encouraging and patient with me, and she answered every question I had, no matter big or small. 

It was always me asking and her answering, which helped me see Econs as one big picture instead of separated into different topics. I think that this really helped me to get my A, because Pamelyn taught me to choose my questions correctly and to notice the nuances– allowing me to translate that into my essays.

I would definitely recommend her to anybody who needs a final Econs boost!”

Nina Ye Ni | SAJC

Before I was a student of Mr Lee Ying Chang (YC), I had some issues regarding understanding the concepts of a number of mathematics topics during my first year in Junior College. I felt that rote memorization was not only futile at the A levels but it was also pointless from a student’s perspective. I wanted to take away some knowledge regarding what I was learning and I did not want my learning experience to be a boring one. This really pushed me into wanting to take up YC’s lessons. 

I thoroughly enjoyed his ability to showcase his knowledge of the subject. His explanations and break down of more complex topics were truly in depth and frankly, an enjoyment for me. He understands that simply doing papers wasn’t going to help bring my grades and understanding up so he emphasised on appreciating the mathematics concepts more than anything. 

My greatest take away from taking YC’s lessons was definitely my increased appreciation of mathematics as a whole. He made me understand how many mathematics concepts we learnt are actually applied around us. 

After a few weeks of YC’s lessons, I definitely saw an improvement of grades that satisfied me overall. I can confidently say that when entering the A levels, I was no longer confused about those mathematics topics that troubled me before thanks largely to YC’s professional guidance. 

Donovan |

I didn’t have much expectations when I first went to her; all I wanted was to pull my grades up from the mess it was in. 

But more importantly, I came to realise that she was really knowledgeable in the fields of economics and the way she taught made it much easier to digest the abstract concepts. She would also highly the important points and stressed over and over again what must be written for certain types of questions.

After 3 months of intensive tuition, the day of A levels finally arrived. I wouldn’t say that I felt 100% confident stepping into the examination hall (I was still cramming content into my maxed out brain capacity the day before), but what I can say is that, compared to 3 months ago, I felt so much more confident of myself and was more sure of my content knowledge. 

Ms Pamelyn Low has helped me incredibly much and I am enormously thankful for her for helping to pull my economics grades up from an S to an A at the A level exams.

Thank you so much for teaching me and for listening to me whine about how I’m going to screw up everything and for assuring me that at the end of the day, everything will turn out fine. For anyone out there who’s desperately trying to do something about your economics grade, go look for Ms Pam, you won’t regret it!

Teo Yi Ting | VJC

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