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At The Classroom, we use a tested and proven system that simplifies the learning process for Secondary school students. This helps you solidify your learning, allowing you to not only achieve better grades, but also boosts your confidence levels before sitting for each exam! This C-Cube Trigger System is the result of over 7 years and 10,000 hours of teaching by our team of education specialists, backed by consistent results achieved by our students over the years. It has helped roughly 547 Secondary school students, jump 2 – 4 grades minimally, in a very short span of time. What this means for you is that once you join us, you will be put through the exact same system that has been churning out Distinction scorers year after year after year! So…

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The C-Cube Trigger System is as “Step-By-Step” as it Gets…

My biggest fear was that I could not keep with the the lessons and would not understand anything. But it did not happen as you were always keeping track of my understanding, thus it didn’t come true. My favourite part of the lessons was that there was sufficient notes and time to understand the chapter. The notes, lessons are great for last minute revision! Tan Hui Xian

Edgeview Secondary School | F9 to A2

The Simplest And Easiest Way We Know To Get You Fantastic Results…

excellent results
The favourite part of my lessons was the quick yet clear and effective teachings because it allows me to understand key concepts without the hassle of getting into any kind of confusion! Comane Tan

Xinimn Secondary School | A2 for O Levels

Truly The Ultimate Coaching Programme that works

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I would say [to my best friend] “Just go lah! Your grades confirm improve one! Shirleen Lim

Compassvale Secondary School | A1 for O Levels

Meet the coach who is excited about transforming your child from a Hater to a Lover of learning to secure his/her A1 in O Level Exams!

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