Discover The Formula Behind Scoring an A1/A2 For ‘O’ Level Math and Science Using The C-Cube Trigger System… In Less Than 6 Months!

We Teach Your Child Important Concepts, More Importantly How & When To Apply Them… Leading To Massive Results!

Why Do Over 574 Parents Trust Us To Teach Their Kids?

At The Classroom, we use a tested and proven system that simplifies the learning process for Secondary school students. This helps students solidify their learning, allowing them to not only achieve better grades, but also boosts their confidence levels before sitting for each exam.

This C-Cube Trigger System is the result of over 7 years and 10,000 hours of teaching by our team of education specialists, backed by consistent results achieved by our students over the years.

It has helped roughly 574 Secondary school students, jump 2 – 4 grades minimally, in under 6 months.

What this means is that once your child join us, he will be put through the exact same system that has been churning out Distinction scorers year after year after year!

What Our Graduates Have To Say…


In Sec 3, I was struggling badly in Amath and it seemed like NO MATTER HOW MUCH EFFORT I put into understanding Amath, I would nevertheless score consistent F9s in my exams.

I then decided to join The Classroom in the hope of improving my grades – and it didn’t disappoint!

Natalie Tham

Nan Chiau High School | F9 to A2

excellent results
The favourite part of my lessons was the quick yet clear and effective teachings because it allows me to understand key concepts without the hassle of getting into any kind of confusion! Comane Tan

Xinimn Secondary School | A2 for O Levels

The Classroom triggered my epic love for Sci (Chemistry). I loathed the subject and was constantly flunking it. After I joined The Classroom, an inspiring teacher with an undying love for teaching who took “FURTHER CHEMISTRY” provided me with the opportunity to fall in love with it. Darrell Lim

Pei Hwa Secondary School | D7 to A1

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Qualified teachers

Qualified Teachers

Our dynamic team of teachers understand the learning styles of students and customise methods of delivery to accelerate learning!

Proven Results

Proven Results

Find out how we’ve managed to take students who were once struggling to do well to achieving spectacular results!



Hear from our students and parents on how they feel we’ve changed their lives!